Start Strong

Whether you are participating in one of our St Albans fitness training programs or not, the following tips can help with weight loss. Make the start date of your new program a special date. Clean your fridge of unhealthy products, organise your workout gear, and create a calendar and list your accomplishments.

Eat your breakfast

Eating your breakfast within one hour of getting up in the morning kick starts your metabolism and makes it easier for you to make healthier choices throughout the day.

Stop eating after 7pm

To see rapid changes in your body shape, establish a routine of not eating past 7pm.

Curb your appetite

Try drinking a large glass of water 15-20 minutes before a meal as it helps to prevent overeating by making you feel full whilst detoxifying your body.

Feel your hunger

Remember you eat to live, not live to eat so snack only when you are hungry, not when you feel bored, depressed, or tired. Quality over quantity is key in your lifestyle and food choices and will enrich your life.

Eat what you like

There are many delicious, healthy foods to choose, so don’t eat what you don’t like. Nothing makes a food program more difficult than forcing yourself to eat foods you don’t like.

Slow down

Eat slowly and chew your food around 20 times per mouthful enough to give your body time to release the enzymes that tell your brain when you’ve eaten enough. This will also help prevent indigestion and gas.

Don’t give up

If you make a couple of mistakes and fall off your health program it doesn’t mean the work you have done is wasted. Just jump straight back on and simply acknowledge you didn’t eat wisely.

Reward yourself

For each week you successfully complete your health program, or accomplish a goal treat yourself to some retail therapy, a show, movie or go and watch your favourate band as you should feel good and be rewarded for your efforts. For more information please click here for diet and nutrition plans.

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