Move Freely with Corrective Exercise

Having studied with the National academy of Sports Medicine our personal trainers have the education, systems and solutions needed to assist our clients with movement impairments, muscle imbalances and those recovering from injury. We can come to a location of your choosing in Hertfordshire and show you the way.


What is Corrective exercise?

Corrective Exercise is a technique and methodology that leverages an understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics to address and fix movement compensations and imbalances to improve the overall quality of movement during workouts and in everyday life. Corrective Exercise is used to help assess and determine the root cause of imbalances and faulty movement patterns that lead to issues with posture, balance, and total body coordination. We can incorporate this methodology into your training with us and also teach you how to address issues in your own training outside of sessions.


Why Use a Corrective Exercise Specialist?

The majority of the population can benefit from corrective exercise training as research suggests that musculoskeletal pain and injury is more common today than ever:

The Benefits

How it works?

We are trained in using the innovative training system, which is proven to address movement inefficiencies that frequently cause injuries. The Corrective Exercise training system is supported by scientific research from leading institutions and from years of clinical and field testing with clients at all levels – from the general fitness enthusiast to the elite, world-class athlete.

Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release technique we use to help relieve muscle tightness, soreness, and inflammation, and increase your joint range of motion. Foam rolling can be an effective tool to add to your warm-up or cool down, before and after exercise. And the benefits of foam rolling may vary from person to person. If learned correctly this can help you maintain your body.


We use stretching on muscle groups which through testing we can see are too tight and increase the risk of injury, pain and pore posture. We will show you how to stretch yourself in your spare time and also actively stretch you ourselves using various techniques and equipment. Giving you all the protocols you will need to get the most out of exercises.

Strength and Conditioning

We analyse movement quality to improve the performance of our athletes or novices trying to improve in their chosen sport. We will use a variety of equipment including Olympic bars, TRX, Kettle bells, battle ropes and running drills to perform a range of sports specific movements which will help you move more effectively thus improving performance.