Sports Conditioning

If you want to build functional muscle, strength, blinding speed and unrelenting endurance you’ve come to the right place as our personal trainers have all competed and excelled in sports.


We work with a range of clients across a variety of sports and events, from rugby to fun runs and tennis to triathlons. We create progressive sport-specific programs to help you develop your fitness and skills and increase your overall performance in the most efficient way.


We will analyse your sporting movements and create a variety of sports conditioning sessions, including integrating sport-specific activities into your overall training offering.


Helping Improve Sport Performance

Your plan will incorporate appropriate periodization with macro, micro and meso cycles built in to ensure you progress with volume and intensity promoting gains in fitness. Typically our sports conditioning plans will last around 12 weeks with meso cycles at around 3-4 weeks with built in deloading giving the athlete adequate recovery time.


Our sports conditioning services are used by individuals and sporting teams alike. So if you’re looking for a personal trainer in St Albans, Harpenden, Welwyn or anywhere in Hertfordshire to improve your performance or your teams performance through speed training, strength training and reduce your risk of injury then please contact us now.


The Results

Below is a small insight into the methods we use in our tailored sports specific training to achieve optimum results;


Diet and Nutrition

If you want to be the best you can be at your chosen sport then its key that you understand how to fuel yourself for the event, recovery and also how to optimise body composition to the best it can be.


Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle or need guidance on healthy eating for sports performance, we will listen to you carefully and provide all the help and support you need.


We provide an honest and realistic approach to diet and nutrition which is tailored to your needs and lifestyle and which will provide the results you are looking for.


Strength and Conditioning

We analyse movement quality to improve the performance of our athletes or novices trying to improve in their chosen sport.

We will use a variety of equipment including Olympic bars, TRX, Kettle bells, battle ropes and running drills to perform a range of sports specific movements which will help you move more effectively thus improving performance.


Speed and Agility Training

If you’re looking for further variety in your cardiovascular workouts then we can use speed and agility training to add more fun and enjoyment to your workout.

Traditionally used by athletes to improve performance for their sport we can use it as a fun way to exercise and strip fat quicker than traditional cardiovascular training.


We utilise a range of equipment from hurdles, ladders and cones to get your body moving in ways it wouldn’t usually do. Plus we will continuously measure your results so we can make improvements together and get results.