Personal Training Testimonials

Got my 6 pack for Sky TV Series

HBO Commisioned Ben to help me get into shape for the new series Dominion which is now on Sky. For this series I would be featuring many times with limited clothing on so I needed to look good. Ben didn’t disappoint and helped me drop body fat quickly with intensive daily training and a well thought out nutrition plan. Within a few weeks I had my six pack back. Ben was good fun to train with too & I would highly recommend his services.

Tom Wisdom
Lost over a stone and a half

"I've been working with Ben for approximately 3 months with mix of individual personal training sessions and personal exercise plan, boot camp classes and following his advice about food and nutrition. So far I've lost over a stone and half and I feel fantastic. Ben's positive and friendly approach is really supportive. He doesn't take any nonsense and pushes you, but always brings the focus round to being proud of what you have achieved and looking forward and working towards a healthier future. I thoroughly recommend boot camp. Everyone is supportive and inclusive, regardless of ability or fitness level. Ben is very knowledgeable and always full of helpful tips and advice about food, exercises and meeting personal needs and goals, whether you are a regular client or meeting him for the first time. My fitness level has improved incredibly in a short amount of time and this shows it just takes a bit of hard work and the right support to make a big difference."

Elly Franklin, 29
St Albans
For the first time ever I'm enjoying exercise

"Ben is an outstanding Personal Trainer, his sessions are hard work, but varied and great fun. In the time I’ve been working with Ben I’ve noticed a real improvement in my fitness levels, shape and above all my motivation. For the first time ever, I’m really enjoying exercise!"

Victoria Wing
Senior Marketing Manager, St Albans
I've said goodbye to my bingo wings

"I have been personal training in St Albans with Ben for about 6 weeks, and already we are seeing really good results. We are really focusing the training on the outcomes I want including losing body fat, and toning my arms, whilst mixing up the sessions with some running, boxing and weights. I am really loving the boxing sessions, and they are having a great effect on my bingo wings! Ben's positive attitude really helps, especially when he is working me really hard, and he is always punctual."

Julie Larkin, 36
Accountant, St Albans
I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes in just 6 weeks

"Having been introduced to Ben through a friend I have been really impressed with his knowledge and abilities as a personal trainer. He has adapted my training routine around what I was wanting to achieve & I have really started to see the benefits – having dropped 2 dress sizes in 6 weeks. My fitness felt greatly improved after only a few sessions. He listens to your needs & is effective & flexible in his training methods. I have happily recommended him to other friends & look forward to continuing my training with him."

Jo Hardy, 42
Lawyer, St Albans
Without Ben a triathlon would never have been possible

"I approached Ben with no specific goals other than I wanted to get fit. Ben spent time with me discussing my past exercise experience and was interested in what I enjoyed doing. He made me realise that I needed a goal to work towards and suggested a triathlon could be a great challenge for me and one that was achievable with my commitment and his support. He was not wrong! This is one of the best things I have done in my life and I am now the fittest I have ever been thanks to Ben which I didn’t think was possible at my age."

John Bruce, 43
Surveyor, Radlett

Bootcamp Testimonials

Improved my fitness level and body shape

I have been going to Ben's bootcamp for a couple of years and it has really improved my fitness level and body shape (dropping from a size 12 to a size 8). I used to go to the gym, but got bored of doing the same old workout. As the boot camp sessions change each time they stay fun and work different parts of the body. Ben also swaps between different types of exercise to maximise muscle toning and weight loss.

Claire Fry
Instantly felt welcome

I've been training with Ben and Holly for just over a month now. Despite the initial nerves I was instantly made to feel welcome by the whole group. It's refreshing to train with like minded people at a pace you feel comfortable with. Every session is different and taught in a professional manner. Even after 5 weeks I've noticed a significant change in my body shape. I couldn't recommend it enough.

Haley McHaffie
Great Personal Trainers and friends too

I have always found it hard to motivate myself and go to a gym. With Ben and Holly not only have i found great personal trainers but friends too! I am not local to Ben in st albans but i find myself driving 45mins 3 x a week just so i can have a great workout and enjoy the fresh crisp air in the park. Results i have achieved have been fat loss and greater stamina! Highly recommend Ben and Holly. You will not regret it.

Amir Pourdanay
Group is very friendly and welcoming to new people

I've been going to bootcamp for eleven months now and love it! I hadn't really exercised previously, needed to lose weight and get healthy. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up but Ben and Holly are great at setting goals for all abilities. The group is very friendly and welcoming to new people. Within no time at all my body shape changed and the pounds fell off. I now have muscle tone in place of my layers of fat - result! I would recommend Zest for Life Bootcamp above all other exercise as it classes are constantly varied, challenging and fun!

Gillian Quinton
Massive improvement in my fitness levels

When I joined boot camp about 2 years ago, I noticed a massive improvement in my fitness levels. Ben is a great motivator and really pushes you to the best of your ability. He varies the exercises each session so you never get used to a certain thing, and therefore always feel challenged. If you have a personal goal, he gives advice and support to reach it. In my opinion, the money is much better spent than a gym membership, it gets you out in the fresh air and it’s fun! I'm currently taking a break while pregnant but already looking forward to going back!

Sarah Barnes
Changed the way I train and feel about food and my body

I have been coming to Bootcamp for 4 months and can honestly say it's changed the way I train and feel about food and my body !!! I always ran or went in the gym but Bootcamp taught me to push myself to get results and you can see results too !!! Love training outdoors and the sessions are so varied it's never boring !! Great people too have made some new friends and I just love it !!! Give it a go and you will look and feel superb I promise !!!!!

Faye Price
Actually really fun

I used to hate exercise and could hardly run the first time I went to this bootcamp- 2 sessions later I could run round the park and 2 months later had lost a stone! It's a really nice group of people, and actually really fun! (Never thought I'd say that about exercise, so must be pretty good!!)

Louise Marron
You train at your pace and your only competitor is yourself

I have been attending the Bootcamp sessions with Ben & Holly since January of this year. The sessions are fun and are delivered in a coaching / encouraging style that provides just the right amount of motivation. You train at your pace and your only competitor is yourself. The other "bootcampers" are a friendly group, no massive egos and a pleasure to train with. Give the bootcamp a go I have had great results!!

Paul Quinton
All abilities & has helped me regain my fitness

I have been going to bens boot camp for a couple of years with a break while I was pregnant and have recently gone back the sessions are hard but fun and you always feel like you have had a proper workout. The boot camp is for all abilities & has helped me regain my fitness. The sessions are always varied so you don t get bored. Would (and have) definitely recommend

Anna Nguyen